Welcome Realme Updater users!

It has been six months since I decided to start this project. During that time I have been trying my best to improve the website, fix the current issues and making user experience more better.

As you know, the website has ROMs for Global, Europe, India, Russia, and China regions. Today I have noticed that some devices are missing like Realme 6i, So I gave realme website downloads pages a shot, and found that some regional websites has other devices that aren’t available on Realme Updater yet.

So, I have added the support of Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Spain. Turkey, UAE and Vietnam regions. This means the website supports 11 regions now! Also, the supported devices number has been increased to 34 devices.

You can checkout the new regions downloads here:

If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us! And don’t forget to subscribe to the telegram channel to get notified with newer updates!